Android Services

At Sparrow-Software, Android application development has attained Godspeed instantaneously after the introduction of the Android framework, developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Our Android Application Development services include:

  • Custom Android Application Development
  • Android Gaming Application Development
  • Android Enterprise Application Development
  • Android Productivity Application Development
  • Maintenance and Support for Android Apps
  • Android Application Testing

Windows Phone 8 Development Services

Sparrow Software, provides Windows Phone 8 development services since its development releases were available. We have a huge team of Windows Phone 8 developers on board, who assist global clients including ISVs and enterprises in developing compelling Metro Style apps for mobile by unleashing the true functionality of Windows Phone 8.The Windows Phone user base is doubling every year. Creating a Windows Phone 8 app now can help your company get an early leg up on competitors.

iPhone Services

Sparrow Software provides you the desired scope through proficient smart phone application development. iPhone has been one of the pioneers among the smart phones and its applications are addressing at a fast pace in the Apps stores causing a stir and alluring iPhone users.iOS users are the biggest spenders in the mobile space. Increase your company’s revenue by building a reliable, responsive iOS apps that your customers will love.

App Promotion And Marketing

All too often app publishers rush into development with a solid idea in hand and a team to build it but skip some crucial planning steps which are necessary to make sure you hit the mark when you get your product out to market.

A comprehensive strategic plan prior to beginning development can help you better understand your market, competition and your user which is invaluable in making sure that your app is on the right track to properly compete. Our Strategic Services include:

  • Ideation Workshops
  • Market Analysis
  • Product Strategy & Positioning
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy

Customization of Application

The software engineering team at Sparrow Technology can help you customize packaged applications to meet your specific business processes, rather than building a new solution. Save time, money, reduce risks, and deliver precisely what you need to achieve your business goals.

Porting of Application On Different Platform

"Adapting a mobile application, built for one mobile platform, into another is called Mobile Application Porting." Customers' ever increasing demands for features, stability and compatibility has forced vendors of mobile app platforms to step up innovation resulting in a state of flux. In such a scenario, porting of applications must take into account the dependencies on user interface and device apart from the main issue of platform compatibility. We use a reference port to conduct a detailed analysis. Post analysis, we construct a design blueprint that identifies and designs the reusable elements in the program code. This greatly reduces the turnaround time in the next phase i.e. porting development.